Bears and models are in Sept. 20's News from the Web

Boise isn’t the only area with a bear problem.

This story in the Spokesman Review talks about a number of bears that have been spotted near cabins and other human habitation in the Panhandle.

The story specifically talks about one grizzly bear that wildlife managers have already trapped and moved once.

The bear, attracted by garbage, pet food and unharvested fruit trees, is back.

And here’s what’s happening in Montana: “Hayden said he recently talked to a grizzly specialist near Kalispell who had six grizzly bears at one time sitting in his yard in traps waiting to be relocated.”

The networks began rolling out their new shows this week.

The new ”Survivor” debuts tonight (I’m still in a little bit of disbelief that this show is still on).

Last night Fox rolled out “Back To You,” the new Kelsey Grammer/Patricia Heaton vehicle.

The plot seems a little creaky, but there were definitely some good jokes.

My personal favorite involved the hapless broadcast reporter who had to do a live shot at an empty courthouse in the pouring rain to talk about an event that had happened at the courthouse six hours earlier.

It’s an easy joke to make at the expense of broadcast journalism.

It certainly remains to be seen if the show can sustain the humor beyond its initial comedy sketch offering.

“America’s Next Top Model” debuted it’s latest season filled with unbelievably thin girls.

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