Libraries and IKEA hackers are in Sept. 10's News from the Web

Most local news Web sites this morning are focusing on the tragic death of a young Brigham Young University student from Boise.

It's a very sad ending.

This story is for you library lovers — and those of you closely following the progress of the new branch libraries Boise is working on.

A new library just opened in Coeur d’Alene to rave reviews.

You’ll recall that the first of Boise’s branch libraries at Collister and State is slated to open later this year (click here to see a video of the space).

Click here to check out the floor plans for the proposed Boise branch libraries.

Then click here and weigh in on proposed new designs for Boise library cards.

They are very colorful and cool and worth a look.

You’ve heard of hackers.

You’ve heard of IKEA.

But have you heard of IKEA hackers?

This group of creative types who use items from IKEA as the raw material for their artistic domestic projects is the subject of this New York Times article.

The featured “hackers” have some pretty cool ideas.

To get more inspiration, click here to visit a blog dedicated to the IKEA hacker.

By the way, if you’re planning your own IKEA hacks, the closest stores are in the Salt Lake area in Utah, Portland in Oregon and Seattle in Washington.

To order a catalogue before you plan your trip, click here.

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