Counting down to football and BASE jumping are in Sept.7's News from the Web

I’m sure you’ll be glad to note the lack of links to news about Larry Craig this morning.

Hopefully, with the news that he’s all but given up on keeping his seat, this story will fade from local, state and national news Web site — at least until Gov. Otter names his replacement.

Instead of leading off with Craig, local sites are writing about yesterday’s interstate suicide.

If you were unfortunate enough to be traveling westbound on Interstate-84 in the afternoon, you probably found yourself parked on the freeway while police chased a suspected bank robber.

After police stopped they guy’s car, he reportedly shot and killed himself.

Traffic didn’t get back to normal until well into the evening.

In weekend news, the countdown clock on’s Boise State football page tells me there is just over a day until the next Bronco game.

This one is at Husky Stadium in Washington, so either you’ll have to travel or be content with the television.

While you’re thinking about that game, you might want to check out this Web site sent in by News from the Web reader Sam Westbrook.

It’s a site of his own creation, designed “as a reference site for all those who share a love for stats and college football.”

Really, if you like numbers, charts and statistics, it’s worth a look.

During the game, be sure to take advantage of Idaho Statesman columnist Brian Murphy’s vast knowledge. He’ll be blogging live from the game and he’ll answer questions e-mailed to him at

Forty BASE jumpers in town in Twin Falls for the third annual Perrine Bridge Festival, which starts today and concludes Sunday.

Click here to read more about the dare devil party in the Times News.

Those of us afraid of heights definitely won’t be participating.

In the interest of bringing you more news about corn dogs and cotton candy, here’s a story about the opening of the Spokane County Interstate Fair.

If you happen to be in Northern Idaho this weekend, go check out the Tilt-A-Whirl, cows and countrified entertainment.

Have I mentioned that I love all things fair?

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