Larry Craig, lifeguards and Idaho twisters are in Sept. 6's News from the Web

Larry Craig is still dominating local and state headlines.

He’s still making appearances in national blogs.

You can read the latest updates on his fight to clear his name here at the

Here’s a few more Craig sightings from around the Web this morning:

• From the Notion,

a blog

at The Nation: “And in the case of Larry Craig, the impossible dream of a disgraced senator that he might yet redeem himself and reclaim his seat is turning into a political nightmare of epic proportions for congressional Republicans who cannot seem to keep their stories straight or their resignations permanent.”

A blog

at the San Diego Union Tribune has this to say: “From my perspective, many of the public policy decisions made in recent years have been infinitely more serious offenses than Sen. Craig's bathroom trolling.”

• If you’d rather listen to what’s being said about Craig,

click here

and then click on the Political Junkie podcast at NPR.

The broadcast is from yesterday. According to the political junkie himself (Ken Rudin): “Craig may have a case....politically, it’s another story completely.


A twister touched down in Southeast Idaho, according to the Idaho State Journal in Pocatello.

We turned the calendar page to September, and, suddenly, we’ve got wild weather all over the place.

(Even so, you may find my on my bike this afternoon).


This story, reporting on a Japanese study that found early risers have a greater risk of heart and stroke problems, worries me.

I’m up at 4:30 a.m. every day, which I’m pretty sure counts as “early rising” by anyone’s standard.

Here’s my follow up question: Does sleeping in on the weekend cancel out the ill effects of rising early during the week?


Finally, an alert News from the Web reader sent in a link to this video at YouTube.

It’s your classic homemade video shot at Ivywild Pool.

At a minimum, it should take you back to the good old days of summer.


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