Larry Craig, mistreated animals and a crazed moose are in Sept. 5's News from the Web

Larry Craig is topping headlines around the state and nation again with the news about his intent to reconsider his resignation if he clears his name in his arrest for disorderly conduct in a Minneapolis airport restroom sex scandal.

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Then consider how other Web sites are writing about the story:

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The list includes the following: “If Senator Craig wants to clear his name he should quit the Senate immediately, sign a multi-million dollar contract for a tell-all book, and go on a rehabilitation speaking tour (at $25,000 a pop, minimum) to explain his side of the whole sad story. If he waits till he’s completed his book and the election of ’08 has played itself out, he’s vastly more likely to return to the good graces of the public – especially if he makes clear that he only resigned for the good of his party, the Senate, and the state of Idaho.”

reportedly said

On Tuesday, I linked to a disturbing story in the New York Times about overactive spiders covering entire groves of trees in their webs.

This story is far worse — and much sadder.

The Spokesman Review reports that police seized "13 dogs, two cats, four guinea pigs, one rabbit, two deer and a horse” from a couple who had stuffed (and neglected) all of the animals in their double wide trailer in Kootenai.

The officers actually found the deer living inside the house.

The couple faces criminal charges for animal cruelty.

A 16-year-old girl with a skin condition also was found living in the trailer.

Here’s another, less disturbing, but no less bizarre animal story.

The Idaho State Journal in Pocatello reports that a moose mowed down a woman’s front and storm door.

Reportedly, she had to repeat herself several times to her insurance agent.

You know that storm yesterday?

I was riding my bike back up to the Bench from Downtown Boise when the wind and dust blew through town (my skin still feels gritty).

Luckily, I rode into my cul de sac just as the rain started to fall.

The same thing happened to me last Friday. I was merrily riding my bike back from Downtown when all hell broke loose.

I think I may have used up my free passes for the season.

Click here to read what yesterday’s storm did to Twin Falls.

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