News roundup, a mayor's bong and big brains are in Aug. 21's News from the Web

Local Web sites are all reporting on the expected return of former Idaho teacher Barbara Morgan on the Endeavour this morning.

Keep your fingers crossed.

NASA is monitoring weather patterns.

Also on the local news radar this morning, two stories out of the Sun Valley area.

First, there is that fire.

And, second, police have identified the the victim in a Central Idaho murder

The Times-News has a story about the St. Luke’s and Elks jointly operated inpatient-rehabilitation facility set to open at the Twin Falls hospital.

The idea is to bring the services offered at the Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital here in Boise to another part of the state.

The Post Register has a story involving the Idaho Falls mayor and his store of bongs.

It seems that Mayor Jared Fuhriman had been storing some drug paraphernalia in his house leftover from his days as a DARE officer with the Idaho Falls Police Department.

Then, last week, his 19-year-old son was cited for having said drug paraphernalia in his possession (reportedly, a foot-long bong).

Apparently, the mayor has returned his bong collection to the police department.

Need another reason to exercise?

This New York Times article reports on research that exercising can actually make your brain grow.

This is good news for anyone over the age of childhood.

That’s when the brain starts shrinking.

Unless, scientists are now saying, you add a daily run to your regimen.

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