Are Harry and the Potters coming to Boise? and enjoying the non-burning outdoors in July 26's News from the Web

Idaho is on fire.

That much is clear from headlines around the state, including our own coverage here at

Luckily, the flames haven’t engulfed every part of the state and there are still places you can go to enjoy Idaho’s beauty without choking on the smoke, like the Trinity Lakes area featured in this week’s Idaho Outdoors.

If a weekend trip isn’t in the cards for you, click here to watch Roger Phillips video of the views, wildflowers and deer in the area.

In entertainment news this morning (as reported by headlines all over the Web): “The Simpsons” movie is a disappointment (say it isn’t so!), Michael is coming back to “Lost” (you know, the character who sold out his friends so he could get his son back), Lindsay Lohan has a drinking problem (wait, this isn’t news, is it?) and county singer Mindy McCready violated her probation (she’s in trouble for abusing Oxy Contin, drunken driving and scratching her mother).

It seems that more and more celebrities are taking a page out of the Paris Hilton playbook and getting their media attention not for their looks or talent but for their propensity to get on the wrong side of the law.

Incidentally, The Today Show did a spot on “Spa-Hab or Re-Hab” about how celebrities’ rehab experiences are so luxurious that they don’t work.


But you can’t really blame them for wanting to go to “Spa-Hab.” If I could, I’d head there right now.

On another entertainment note, I’ve got a News from the Web reader review of the latest Harry Potter book.

Imke Lehmann writes: “JK Rowling has done a phenomenal job answering all the questions I’ve always had and not just that. She continued to fill out all the characters beyond my expectations. In almost every chapter I had to put down the book to take a breather and think about the new plot and background information I had just read!

“The whole book reads like a spy thriller. I can’t think of a better way to finish Harry’s epic.

“The Harry Potter books will remain a staple of the “best books ever written” in the centuries to come.” Another News from the Web reader has these suggestions to add to your post-Potter reading list: “I have 3 boys (ages 8-14) that have all loved Harry Potter. In between book releases, they have read many other fantasy series. One "classic" fantasy author they have enjoyed reading E.B. Nesbit. I read an interview with J.K. Rowling where she said that E.B. Nesbit was a favorite author of hers as a kid. I particularly recommend these books for the younger (grade school) fantasy reader as they are not too dark or adult in theme.

In other Harry Potter news, a local librarian e-mailed me with a tip that wizard rock band Harry and the Potters may be coming to Boise.

The band, made up of brothers Joe and Paul DeGeorge, has been playing since 2002 and are one of the original wizard rock groups which have been multiplying like bunnies in recent years.

Click here to read an analysis of the wizard rock phenomenon then click here to visit Harry and the Potters Web site.

You’ll note in the touring dates that Boise is listed as Aug. 12, TBA.

I’ve sent an e-mail to the group asking if the Boise show is still on and if there are more details.

I’ll keep you posted.

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