Meet Jamareon, who is looking for a family

Provided by the Family Resource and Training Center

“Hi! My name is Jamareon. I was born to play football! I like basketball, swimming and jumping on a trampoline. I love to play video games, Matchbox cars and have fun with my friends. I like to eat cookies dipped in milk.”

Jamareon is 14 years old and has a sweet personality and is a generally happy, social, active boy with a ready smile and engaging laugh. He is well-liked by adults who have worked with him. Jamareon has good academic potential and will benefit with one-on-one help with homework and organization. Jamareon needs an active, strong and thoughtful family and would thrive as the youngest or only child in a family. He also thrives with good supervision and needs parental guidance around animals. Parents will need to have strong trauma-based parenting skills. His new family will need patience as Jamareon continues to heal and mature within a safe, nurturing environment.

Family Resource and Training Center, formerly the Idaho Child Welfare Research & Training Center

For more information on Jamareon or adoption information, please visit, or contact Shannon Foust via email at or cell at (208) 488-8989 if you have specific questions.