How to make wood ornaments

The finished wood ornaments.
The finished wood ornaments. TNS

Create a special keepsake this holiday season.

It’s easy:

▪  Place a stencil over a wood slice (I used birch and basswood coaster pieces). Use painters tape to secure the stencil and cover any exposed wood.

▪  Slowly roll paint over the stencil, covering all open areas. Peel away the tape after the paint dries.

▪  Turn an eye screw into the top edge of the ornament. You may need to hammer in a nail first to give the screw traction.

▪  Cut a piece of twine and thread it through the eye screw. Tie a knot to create a loop.


▪  Wood slices or coasters

▪  Stencils

▪  Black paint

▪  Painters tape

▪  Paint roller and tray

▪  Screw eyes

▪  Twine

▪  Scissors

▪  Hammer and nail (optional)