Did the kids get a pile of candy? Here’s how to manage it

A dream come true
A dream come true

In addition to the health impact of candy consumption, teaching children to self-regulate and understanding the importance of moderation can have long-lasting benefits.

Here are a few ideas:

▪  One piece of candy a day.

▪  Have them choose 20 of their favorite pieces and donate the rest to the office candy bowl.

▪  Check out your dentist — many have programs where they buy back candy.

▪  Implement your own backpack program — 25 cents, 50 cents for every piece.

▪  Ask your child how many pieces of candy would be acceptable to eat on Halloween night.

▪  Put half your child’s stash in the freezer and bring it out over the Christmas holidays.

▪  Institute a “daddy tax” or “mommy tax” of 20 percent: kids give a parent 1 out of every 5 pieces.