Recommendations from Treasure Valley librarians

Boise Public Library

“The Most Important Thing” by Avi.

Juvenile fiction. Avi starts this book with the question: “What’s the most important thing you can do for your son?” This collection of short stories by award-winning author Avi examines that question with tales of relationships, or lack thereof, of fathers and sons.

Eagle Public Library

“The Island” by Olivia Levez.

Young adult fiction. As part of an “Outward Bound”-style treatment for young people who’ve committed crimes, Frances finds herself on a plane to a remote village where she will do community service in exchange for staying out of juvenile detention. When she’s marooned on an island, she has plenty of time to think of everything that made her a monster in society’s eyes. When she discovers another survivor on the island, will it bring out the worst in her again? Or will it finally help her to see that her future is worth fighting for? It’s a gripping and thoughtful story about a girl determined to survive against all odds and find the courage to become the person she wants to be.

Meridian Public Library

“Vegans Go Nuts: Celebrate Protein-Packed Nuts and Seeds with More Than 100 Delicious Plant-Based Recipes” by Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman.

Nonfiction. One of the most nutritious, protein-packed staples of a plant-based diet, nuts can be used in limitless ways to create satisfying meals full of hearty flavor. Using whole nuts and seeds, nut/seed butters, and nut/seed flours, here are just a few of the delicious recipes you can look forward to creating: Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Muffins, Nut Butter Roasted Cauliflower and Peanut Butter Farina.

Kuna Library

“Altamont: The Rolling Stones, the Hell’s Angels, and the Inside Story of Rock’s Darkest Day” by Joel Selvin.

Adult nonfiction. In this breathtaking cultural history filled with exclusive, never-before-revealed details, celebrated rock journalist Joel Selvin tells the definitive story of the Rolling Stones’ infamous Altamont concert in San Francisco, the disastrous historic event that marked the end of the idealistic 1960s. The product of 20 years of research and dozens of interviews with many key players, including medical staff, Hells Angels members, the stage crew and the musicians who were there, this is the ultimate account of the final event in rock’s formative and most turbulent decade.

Garden City Library

“Dragons at Crumbling Castle and Other Tales” by Terry Pratchett.

Juvenile fiction. A collection of 14 short stories by bestselling fantasy author Terry Pratchett. Originally written for the Bucks Free Press, where he was working as a reporter in the 1960s, these are some of the stories that later evolved into some of his full-length novels. Full of imagination and accented with humorous illustrations, these will be fun stories for readers of any age.

Ada Community Library

“Wing & Claw: Forest of Wonders,” by Linda Sue Park.

Juvenile series fiction. A young boy named Raffa learning about apothecary skills travels into the Forest of Wonders to find a certain rare crimson vine. His encounter with an injured bat, Echo, becomes a powerful catalyst for a change in his magical thinking. As his cousin Garith, along with his father, travels to the city of Gilden, with a promise of a position at a wonderful greenhouse for experimenting with the botanical properties of plants, Raffa becomes curious about what they learn from a purloined sample of the vine. Involvement with a dissimilar pair of young women who also share his adventure and other animals in need of protection make this series worth further reading.

Nampa Public Library

“The Scourge” by Jennifer A. Nielsen.

Juvenile fiction. As a lethal plague sweeps through the land, Ani Mells is shocked when she is unexpectedly captured by the governor’s wardens and forced to submit to a test for the deadly Scourge. She is even more surprised when the test results come back positive and she is sent to Attic Island, a former prison turned refuge — and quarantine colony — for the ill. The Scourge’s victims, Ani now among them, can only expect to live out short, painful lives there. However, Ani quickly discovers that she doesn’t know the whole truth about the Scourge or the Colony. She’s been caught in a devious plot, and with the help of her best friend Weevil, Ani means to uncover just what is actually going on. But will she and Weevil survive long enough to do so?