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A small dog got stuck in a storm drain. Officers went headfirst into a manhole to save her.

Ada County Sheriff's Office

Most owners fall head over heels in love with their dogs. The Ada County Sheriff’s Office falls head over heels into sewers to rescue some of those canines.

In a Facebook post, the Sheriff’s Office posted pictures and a story about a Scottish Terrier named Ferris. According to the post, Ferris managed to dig herself out of her backyard in Star on Saturday and wedge her way into a storm drain.

The Star Fire Department was unable to find Ferris when, by chance, a pair of Ada County sheriff’s deputies drove by. The officers, Sean Dalrymple and Alan Speakes, proceeded to go headfirst into a nearby manhole in search of the dog.

After finally finding Ferris, Dalrymple used biscuits to entice the dog into his arms, the post said..

“Once that happened, Speaks and members of the Star Fire Department grabbed Dalrymple by the belt and got both officer and dog out of the sewer,” the post reads.

Perhaps the strangest part of the story is that it’s the second time in just over two weeks that Dalrymple and Speakes have saved a dog. On Jan. 22, the pair saved an injured German Shepherd lying in a field by taking it to a veterinarian, where its owner later found it.

Michael Katz covers breaking news at the Idaho Statesman. He attended the University of Southern California and grew up in Pasadena, California.