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This Idaho man is leaving his job as county clerk to follow a dream of cleaner toilet seats.

Bannock County Clerk Robert Poleki decided not to run for re-election so he can be your No. 1 when it comes to a clean seat for No. 2s.

Poleki will leave his job in Pocatello in January, according to, to pursue production of the Washie, a self-cleaning toilet seat he brought in front of the hit show "Shark Tank" in January.

“(I spent) multiple hours at night at Home Depot looking for different types of toilet seats, tubing and dispensers," Poleki told "I’ve worked on this thing for the last three years and finally, it’s coming to fruition."

Poleki told KIFI Channel 8 the idea came to him when his son attempted to use an airport restroom. The toilet seat was filthy, he said, and needed to be scrubbed down. Poleki's invention makes cleaning a breeze.

The Washie, which will sell for less than $40, works like this: a sensor on the side of the toilet can be triggered by a person's hand. After the sensor is activated, cleaning solution seeps out of the top of the seat; the person can then use toilet paper to wipe down the seat for use.

"The cartridge is filled with a mixture of disinfectant fluid and sanitizer," Poleki told KIFI. "It has about 85% alcohol in it so when you wipe it, it evaporates. It's just like sanitizer."

Poleki said the prototype for the Washie cost $7,000, according to KIFI. He is not allowed to discuss the results of his "Shark Tank" appearance but said he has received a patent for the product.

"“I’m taking the opportunity of a lifetime which won’t allow me to run for public office," he told "Clearly, I’m just risking everything, putting everything on the line, to take this chance."