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Caldwell girls say they were victims of hit-and-run while riding UTV

Abby and Kendall McMillan are shown in a Treasure Valley hospital after the accident.
Abby and Kendall McMillan are shown in a Treasure Valley hospital after the accident. Photo taken from Facebook

Abby and Kendall McMillan believe they were the victims of an intentional hit-and-run.

The 15- and 12-year-old told their family that their two-person utility task vehicle was hit in the back by a car on Saturday while they were on the shoulder of Caldwell’s Freezeout Road. Their father, Kevin, told the Idaho Statesman he believed the crash was intentional.

“My oldest daughter heard him rev (the engine) and then (he) hit them,” Kevin McMillan said. “It seemed odd.”

The Canyon County Sheriff’s Office released a statement Wednesday outlining a reported accident that fits the description of the McMillans’ account but did not specify the names or sexes of the victims.

After taking a trip on the UTV to their grandmother’s house, Abby and Kendall were on their way back home, their father said. They were allegedly rammed from the back by a suspect who neither Abby or Kendall say they recognized. After hitting them, the driver reportedly took off.

According to the release, the victims of the reported accident told authorities they were ejected from the vehicle.

“Why would someone do it?” Kevin McMillan said. “You shouldn’t leave two lifeless bodies ... I don’t care who’s at fault. You know you hit them.”

The accident is still under investigation, though deputies said they did not find any car parts or evidence at the scene leading them to a suspect or vehicle. Kevin McMillan said Abby suffered a small lung puncture in the accident, while Kendall experienced bleeding and bruising in her brain.

If you have any information, contact the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office at (208) 454-7510.

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