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3 new Idaho albums: Sleepy Seahorse, a.k.a. Belle, Casey Kristofferson


Sleepy Seahorse

Multi-instrumentalist Joey Corsentino calls this a love letter to the Boise music scene. It’s nine covers of songs originally performed by Idaho musicians. The result has wider appeal than you might suspect. And that’s despite the fact that Corsentino — a member of indie-rock band Sleepy Seeds — also uses this solo project as an opportunity to satisfy his urges on horns and computers (as well as the expected guitars and vocals). Fans of the Treasure Valley music scene will want to check this out to hear interpretations of songs by bands such as Caustic Resin (“Cable”) Built To Spill (“You Are”) and Finn Riggins (“Pannin’ For Gold.”)

I Hear It Now

a.k.a. Belle

There’s a noble side to this four-song collection from veteran Boise indie act a.k.a. Belle, fronted by married couple Catherine and Sam Merrick. The first single, “Mustangs,” benefits Wild Love Preserve, a Challis nonprofit that rescues and protects wild Idaho horses. As always, Catherine Merrick’s seductive vocals are the focal point of these songs. Sam Merrick’s shimmering guitars run free like the stallions his wife sings about. But the true sonic stampede comes when guest guitarist Brett Netson adds extra pyro to the smoldering, 7-minute standout “Crooked Path,” which climaxes with the meteor-shower power of an old-school Built To Spill jam.

Hat Creek Sessions

Casey Kristofferson

Dubbing himself “an experimental folk musician from the mountains of Central Idaho,” vocalist-guitarist Kristofferson fuses elements of “blues, folk, rock, and ambient that somehow meld together into an eclectic sound that draws inspiration from the mountains of his beloved state.” On this eight-song album, his website notes, tracks “such as ‘Indian Paintbrush’ and ‘Lost in the White Clouds’ are illustrations of the landscape that Kristofferson often writes about. ‘Hat Creek Sessions’ was truly sculpted from the earth.”

Compiled by Michael Deeds