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Boise album quick spins: Innocent Man, Kenny Saunders

Slow Nights

Innocent Man

Moments into feel-good leadoff song “Slow Nights in Idaho,” frontman Scott Sprague lays down the laid-back-lifestyle gauntlet. “Out on the road living my dream,” he brags gratefully. “Whiskey in the morning with my peaches and cream.” (Cue loose, organic, electric-guitar solo.) Steeped in jam-band influences, Innocent Man brings an enticing amount of variety to the show. There’s a splash of Allman Brothers-tinged guitar and keys to kick off “I-84.” Meanwhile, Kristin Burns adds Americana fuel to many tracks with her fiddle — not to mention change-of-pace lead vocals on group singalong “Henhouse.”


Kenny Saunders

A Boise-based singer, acoustic guitarist and dobro player, Saunders has played with Idaho country and Americana performers including Pinto Bennett and Muzzie Braun. Reckless Kelly’s Cody Braun even kicks in fiddle here. The West is a common lyrical theme for Saunders, who has a faint trace of Willie Nelson in his vocals. Saunders chronicles mountain-town partying on opening track “Sawtooth Moon.” More often, he’s pickin’ but not exactly grinnin’. Women have bailed on men in the title track and “Cryin’ Shame.” He reflects on life during tunes such as “What It Is” and “All The Things I Should Have Said.”

Michael Deeds