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3 new Boise albums: Kevin Kirk, Jonathan Warren, Camden Hughes

What is the Nature of Your Emergency?

Kevin Kirk & Onomatopeia

Boise’s long-running jazz-fusion group offers this self-description: “Kevin Kirk & Onomatopoia is a daring ensemble that explores the frontiers where jazz, rock, classical, bluegrass, Brazilian and Celtic genres converge. Their extraordinary music treats you to a thrilling surprise around every compositional corner.” Keyboardist Kirk and his six bandmates concoct 11 tracks ranging from the Frank Zappa-influenced “Filing a Thelonius Report” to the soothing, sonic caress of “The Owyhee Mountain Range and Other Thoughts After” complete with a rainfall outro.

Bless My Soul

Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats

The fourth full-length album from Warren and his Goats is the result of an organic creative process that took over a year to record. “We used a more methodical approach,” Warren says. “I had a vision for the album and stayed true to that vision; that included electric guitar and keyboard.” These eight tracks continue to expand the sound that Warren calls “progressive psychobilly folk-grass.”


Thomas Hutchings & Camden Hughes

Boise keyboardist Camden Hughes shares the spotlight with New York saxophonist Thomas Hutchings. Hughes’ influences range from late Boise pianist Gene Harris to jazz-funk sax man Grover Washington, Jr. On this nine-track album, styles run the gamut from rump-winding funk (“Groove City”) to hard bop (“Broomsticks”) and takes on classic rock (Beatles’ “Blackbird” and Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.”

Compiled by Michael Deeds