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Rated R for violence, language, some sexual content and drug use.

What it's about: A Colombian fable about war, humanity and the earth, set against the story of a small group of paramilitary teens keeping an American engineer hostage.

The kid attractor factor: Not much kid appeal for this challenging foreign language film.

Good Lessons/Bad Lessons: You never know what savagery lies within.

Violence: Some realistic violence: shooting, strangling, fighting, etc.

Language: Some swearing (In Spanish with subtitles)

Sexuality: Some kissing between teens and reference to sex.

Drugs: Teen drinking and hallucinatory mushrooms taken by teens.

Parents advisory: This fascinating film is a story about the depths of humanity. Though there is some mature content, it's OK for teens who might be interested.


Rated R for drug use and language.

What it's about: An adaptation of Donna Tartt's Pulitzer Prize winning novel about a young boy, a bombing, and a painting.

The kid attractor factor: This adult drama doesn't hold much appeal for kids.

Good Lessons/Bad Lessons: Tell the truth whenever you can.

Violence: A bombing, some domestic violence, shootings, etc.

Language: Some swearing

Sexuality: Kissing

Drugs: Prescription and recreational drug abuse (cocaine). Teens drinking and abusing drugs, both pills and hallucinogens.

Parents advisory: This film has some adult elements but nothing too extreme for a mature older child or teen.