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Heading to Boise’s 39th annual Hyde Park Street Fair? Here’s what you need to know

Back in 1979, Boise’s Hyde Park merchants wanted to find a way promote their neighborhood.

Now, 39 years later, there’s still something new for everyone at the Hyde Park Street Fair.

This year’s event, which runs from Sept. 14-16, will feature 100 vendors offering tie-dye, live music, art, crafts, food, beer and a wine garden. The street fair features many of the Hyde Park-area businesses, along with nearby merchandisers and nonprofit organizations that fill Camel’s Back Park for a last hurrah of summer.

The festival is a fundraiser through the North End Neighborhood Association to support neighborhood programs. All proceeds raised by the event, after expenses, go to funding for local schools and community projects to benefit Boise.

Even if you go to the Hyde Park Street Fair every year, there will be something new for you this weekend.

The fair’s basic set-up doesn’t change much, according to event coordinator Carl Scheider, but the opportunity to see a new artist or live musical act does.

The band lineup changes every year, and there are 19 local bands on tap this time around, including past acts Bread & Circus and Bill Coffey & His Cash Money Cousins. The list of performing acts also changes, and attendees can expect to see 30-plus such acts — from belly dancers to community yoga — on the community stage.

Oh, and expect to see many tie-dyed shirts and fun costumes at the fair to follow the peace-and-love hippie vibe.

That vibe is what attracts thousands of guests annually, Scheider said, and the street fair is like no other Boise has to offer.

“(Hyde Park Street Fair) is the only type of fair like this that’s allowed in the park. We kind of got grandfathered in when we introduced it in the park, and so there aren’t any others that do what we do,” he said. “And we’re pretty unusual for cities, anyway. There aren’t many that actually have something like the Hyde Park Street Fair.”

So what’s different?

“Art is a part of ours, but we also have different local craft vendors, a lot of different nonprofit groups that participate in the fair, and we also just try to keep it different,” Scheider said. “(The festivals) all might look similar on the outside, but on the inside they’re quite different.”

The fair is not in the street anymore, of course, but is held at Camel’s Back — and there’s a reason for that.

“That’s a major travel route, 13th, 15th and Harrison, and so there was concern about travel patterns as well as about emergency vehicles trying to get through,” Scheider said. “It was just getting too popular and creating so much congestion for that small of an area, that they felt the only way to keep the fair running was to move it off the street.”

Plan on taking advantage of the weather by biking or walking to the festival due to there being scarce parking spaces in the North End.

Visit northendboise.org for more information.

Main Stage Music Lineup*

*Subject to change

Friday, Sept. 14

5-5:45- El Dopamine

6-6:45- Sounder

7-7:45- Sherpa

8-9:30-Bread & Circus

Saturday, Sept. 15

12-12:45-Emalee Tipton Band

1-1:45-Knotty Brine

2-2:45- Fall Creek String Band

3-3:45-Andrew Sheppard Band

4-4:45- Low-fi

5-5:45- Rebecca Scott Band

6-6:45- Bernie Reilly Band

7-7:45- Audio Moonshine

8-9:30- a.k.a Belle

Sunday, Sept. 16

11:30-12:15- Ben Burdick Quartet featuring Amy Rose

12:30-1:15-Blaze & Kelly

1:30-2:15- The Pan Handles

2:30-3:15- Fulton/Hunt

3:30-4:15- Tylor & The Train Robbers

4:30-6pm- Bill Coffey & His Cash Money Cousins