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Two new Boise breweries delay openings

Think of it this way, craft-brew fans: When it comes to beer, sometimes it’s good to chill.

Keep that in mind as you exercise patience and wait a little longer than expected for two new Boise breweries to debut this summer: Mad Swede Brewing Co., at 2772 S. Cole Road near Costco, and Clairvoyant Brewing Co., at 2800 W. Idaho St. in Boise’s West End.

Mad Swede Brewing originally had hoped for an August opening, but that plan has shifted.

“We are suffering some drift,” co-owner and head brewer Jerry Larson explained good-naturedly via email.

The brewery now is on track to debut in mid- to late September, he said. The official grand opening festivities might not occur until October, he added.

“People describe challenging, multi-pronged tasks as being like herding cats,” Larson said. “Opening a brewery is like herding cats on a unicycle with one eye closed while juggling chain saws in the rain.”

Meanwhile, Clairvoyant Brewing — which had hoped for spring, then pushed that to summer — now is targeting fall.

“If all goes well,” co-owner Ryan Kowalczyk said, “we are shooting for an October open time.”

Sounds good. That will give everyone time to work up a thirst.