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Deeds: A Bone Marrow Burger restaurant in Boise? Um, yum?

Mmmmm. A Bone Marrow Burger at Eureka! restaurant.
Mmmmm. A Bone Marrow Burger at Eureka! restaurant.

Locally operated Grind Modern Burger is about to face some meaty competition — specifically in the “Holy @#*! They’re Charging What For a Fancy Whopper?” department.

California-based Eureka!, an upscale burger, craft beer and small-batch whiskey chain, plans to open in The Mode building at 800 W. Idaho St.

The menu includes a Bone Marrow Burger. It costs $16.50 in other cities.

Ugh. Bone marrow?

Maybe I’m being a closed-minded carnivore, but if scraping red blood cells out of a rib cavity sounds tasty, I’m betting that your name is Hannibal Lecter.

In reality, the gourmet burger’s marrow allotment is limited to a topping: bone marrow porcini butter.

Bone marrow isn’t a new nosh. In a 2001 Gourmet magazine article, food writer John Thorne detailed his revelatory experience as a curious 9-year-old plunging “an exploratory finger” into “the pinkish stuff” in the middle of a Christmas ham bone. “I scooped a little out, tasted it ... and found myself transported to heaven. Forty-eight years later, I still remember that moment — not my earliest culinary memory, but the first where a single taste would change my life.”

Changed his life? Fine. Bring on the bone marrow. But if Boise’s newest burger chain is anything short of transcendent, I’m gonna be bloody disappointed.

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When it’s been open during the last few decades, the tiny watering hole near 11th and Front streets often was a gay bar.

The latest incarnation for the building formerly known as The Locker Room and Lucky Dog Tavern? Doc’s Bar, according to a banner on the building.

“Affordable Drink’s & Special’s,” it proclaimed possessively when I drove past.

Doc’s Ph.D. apparently ain’t in English.

“Your Gonna Like This,” it added. Yep. Unless you have your GED.

This week, my wife texted me a photo. The linguistics disaster had been edited! Sort of. The apostrophes remained, but the last line was updated to say “You’re.”

Incidentally, if someone spots a typo in my column, I promise to ask the Doc about assisted suicide.

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So what’s the latest news about the Meridian Cinemas (aka Village Cinema) lawsuit against Idaho State Police for threatening the theater about serving alcohol at movies that show skin?

Nothing to report. The legal process takes forever.

But Boiseans are talking about it.

Nate Shelman, afternoon drive host at KBOI 670 AM, posted an open letter to Idaho State Police on Facebook last week confessing that he’d had two beers while “watching a rated-R movie that contained ‘naughty’ parts.”

“I’ll be at 1419 W. Bannock tomorrow from 3 to 7 p.m.,” he added. “Either fine me or admit your rule is a joke. ‘Deadpool’ was awesome. That is all.”

Sadly, Idaho statute is no joke. It’s directly affecting our entertainment choices.

Carole Skinner, owner of art-house theater The Flicks, is avoiding movies that might attract the alcohol cops.

“I will continue to book films carefully,” she explained in a recent email, “but if I find after the fact that one of them violates the statute, I would have to prohibit beer and wine in that auditorium. I hope they win that lawsuit, though.”

Confessed Skinner: “It is exhausting for me to worry about a movie with content that is less risqué than much of what is shown on network TV.”

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I had a fun talk this week with Boise-raised actor Aaron Paul.

Yes, he and his wife bought a house here last year. Yes, he’s hosting a screening of his latest movie, “Triple 9,” at The Egyptian Theatre on Feb. 24. And, yes, it’s going to be a good time.

Read the interview in Sunday’s Idaho Statesman.

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Will somebody please tell me what’s up with the bakery at Paul’s Market?

After the announcement that Albertsons is taking over Paul’s stores, Facebook commenters were practically bawling about the bakery’s demise.

It’s a bakery. How amazing can it be? Do they sell Bone Marrow Doughnuts?

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