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New morning radio team to start Aug. 17 on Wow 104.3 FM

The radio slogan “Idaho’s Fresh New Country” will take on extra meaning Monday when two unfamiliar voices greet listeners of Wow 104.3 FM in Boise.

Morning personalities “Rick and Carly,” who previously worked at K-Bull 93 FM in the Salt Lake City market, will take over the void created when longtime Treasure Valley team “Randy and Alana” departed Wow FM in June.

“Rick and Carly” will air from 5:30 to 10 a.m. Mondays through Fridays. Apparently, they got to keep their old Facebook page, where they’re praising today as a “be-a-u-tiful day in Idaho!!” (Gosh, thanks. It must get reeeeally hot over there in Mormon country.)

I have to admit I’ll miss “Randy and Alana” a bit. They always were personable and fair in my dealings with them, despite the fact everyone knows I’m not the world’s biggest country-radio format fan. And, Lordy, remember when “Opie and Anthony” picked on them? I’ll never forget that. Brutal.

But, hey, here’s a big yee-haw welcome to the newcomers. Just don’t forget to set that alarm clock, you two. A week or two off between morning-radio jobs has been known to mess up even the most ironclad circadian rhythms.

Speaking of sleep disruption? My weekly Sunday- evening show, “The Other Studio” on 94.9 FM The River, won’t air this week. Tim and I are slacking off until Aug. 23. Blame it on The Huckleberry Jam. I’m gonna need some serious shuteye after this weekend.