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Michael Deeds: Tribute act Mac Sabbath will french fry your brain

Mike Odd never expected his happy meal of a life to get super-sized like this.

Phoning from his hometown of Los Angeles, the manager and spokesman for parody act Mac Sabbath sounds amused yet bemused. The “drive-thru metal” band is on its first real tour, which stops at Neurolux, 111 N. 11th St., in Boise, on Aug. 12 (7:30 p.m., $13, TicketWeb).

“The whole thing is bowling me over completely,” he admits, laughing. “At first I thought, ‘Oh, this will be for fun for a little bit.’ And now this is my job. It’s completely taken over my life.”

Mac Sabbath performs Black Sabbath songs, except with lyrics condemning fast food. (Mostly.) “Iron Man” is now “Frying Pan.” “Sweet Leaf” has become “Sweet Beef.” “Fairies Wear Boots”? Try “Cherries are Fruits.”

The quartet’s hometown? “Legal reasons do not permit me to say,” reads Mac Sabbath’s bio on Facebook. “But it starts with an ‘M’ and ends with a ‘land.’ ”

A certain fast-food corporation apparently can’t be trusted to take a good McRibbing.

Singer Ronald Osbourne, who shares more than a few physical similarities to Odd, reportedly is a time traveler from the 1970s. Or an alien. The other band members are Slayer Mac Cheeze, Grimalice and the Cat Burglar. None do interviews.

Until Odd exposed Mac Sabbath to the world, it was “this weird, secret underground thing,” he quips. “Literally underground in basements. At that point, Ronald was so freaked out by cellphones that I’ve seen him dunk them in huge cups of Coca-Cola.”

This weekend, the group will perform at the Outside Lands festival at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Mac Sabbath plays the final set of the day — on a food stage — before Elton John headlines the main stage. “It couldn’t be closer to a supporting slot,” Odd says gleefully.

Prior to performing at the massive Download Festival in England two months ago, Mac Sabbath had never left California. “It’s just ridiculous,” says Odd, who moonlights as the singer for horror-themed SoCal metal band Rosemary’s Billygoat.

Mac Sabbath’s popularity quickly got upgraded from value-size to whopper after Odd posted a “crappy little video” to YouTube late last year. It’s from Mac Sabbath’s second gig. Ronald Osbourne keeps looking down to read the lyrics while singing “Frying Pan.” (“Cows we’re going to grind/Hope your stomach is well-lined/Do I have the gall/Chopping onions makes me bawl.”)

It went viral. On New Year’s Day of 2015, the real Black Sabbath’s Facebook page even posted a link to a Mac Sabbath article.

Now, headbangers across the globe are congregating to see Ronald Osbourne flip burgers atop a smoking grill on stage.

Mac Sabbath has even played an elementary-school fundraiser. “My favorite thing about this band is no matter how sinister and wicked it comes out, it’s still kid-friendly,” Odd says.

There have been conversations about organizing health-food-related day gigs at schools to coincide with concerts while on tour. “And even trying to involve Michelle Obama or something,” Odd adds.


“It’s talk at this point,” Odd says, “but we’ll see what happens! If you can win over Ozzy and Sharon, who knows?”

All I can say about Mac Sabbath is: I’m lovin’ it.


All-ages music venue and coffee shop The Crux, 1022 W. Main St., is no more. A sign was posted saying it will move to a new location — but gave no indication where.

The Crux joins music venues the Crazy Horse and the Bouquet in shuttering in the past several weeks.

It’s definitely a bummer for the under-21 crowd. This city needs an all-ages music venue geared toward younger fans.


The Olympic Venue, above Mulligans, at 1009 W. Main St., opened in June for patrons over 21.

“It’s a beautiful space,” owner Alicia Wagner says. “It looks so awesome.”

The Olympic Venue is open Fridays and Saturdays and features local musicians. It also opens sporadically on weekdays for touring acts.

Online: theolympicvenue.com.

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