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Local album review: RevoltRevolt, ‘Wild Unraveling’

Wild Unraveling


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The unraveling isn’t particularly wild, or immediately convincing, on “Catch the Light,” the opening track from Boise indie band RevoltRevolt. The mellow interplay between musicians is overtly loose, and frontman Chris Bock’s heavy-whisper space-rocker vocals are an acquired taste. But close your eyes, kick back with a pair of headphones and be patient. This five-song EP grows tighter, trippier and more rewarding as you float weightlessly into RevoltRevolt’s sonic experimentation.

There’s a lot of sound happening by the midway point, and it’s not just the slow-motion meteor showers of guitar effects. Veteran guests such as keyboardist Todd Dunnigan and guitarist Doug Martsch add layers of color. “Hold on Let’s Let Go” morphs into “Every Day Youth,” which bleeds into the mind-frying “Never Fade” like stars being born and dying. By the time it’s over, you’ve heard opera singing, pedal steel, and Bock seems more like someone who could share a shuttlepod duet with Roger Waters. Or at least Helios Creed. That wild unraveling is in the fibers of your brain.

RevoltRevolt performs album-release shows at the Record Exchange on Aug. 5 (6 p.m., free) and at Neurolux on Aug. 8 (7 p.m., $7).