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Michael Deeds: Well, look at that! Boise tops arts category on Money’s ‘Best Places to Retire’ list

What’s that ridiculous T-shirt slogan? “Women want me. Fish fear me.”

I’m thinking that Mayor Bieter should make that our official city motto and post it on the signs on the outskirts of town. That way, everyone will know how totally awesome we are and how many “best of” lists we make.

The latest: Money magazine has released its annual “Best Places to Retire” list and — surprise! — Idaho’s capital city is among the 25 towns listed. The real surprise is that Boise was not awarded for its outdoor recreation opportunities. (Huh? St. George, ARIZONA, won the “Great Outdoors” category? That should raise a few Utah eyebrows.) Update: Ha-ha, they fixed it online. Hope they were able to fix it in print, too.

Instead, Boise topped “The Arts” category.

“Celebrated for its natural wonders, Boise is also rich in culture, including the annual outdoor Shakespeare festival, the art deco Boise Art Museum, the Boise Philharmonic, Ballet Idaho and Opera Idaho,” Money writes in its July issue. “Despite a booming economy, Boise has also maintained a low cost of living and median-priced homes for $184,500.”

If you’re in the mood, click through the entire list. (Boise is the sixth one.) Once Money figures out how terrific our Greenbelt, mountains and rivers are, I expect Boise to top “The Great Outdoors” category next year. I can’t wait for Skinny Dipper Hot Springs to be overrun by retirees.