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Next week's Rick Springfield concert has been rescheduled for the following week

Meryl Streep? Caviar.

Idaho? Chopped liver.

Ah, just kidding, Rick Springfield fans. But you're going to have to wait an extra week to see the pop-rocker perform at the Revolution Center. His show has been rescheduled from Monday, July 28, to Monday, Aug. 4.

Here's the word from the RevCenter:

"Due to an opportunity to star alongside legendary Oscar-wnning actress Meryl Streep, the Rick Springfield show for July 28 at the Revolution Center is rescheduled for August 4. Rick has to fly to New York for a script reading for this upcoming role. All tickets will be honored for the new date."

I guess now you HAVE done something for him, Boise.

Here's a humorous take on Rick Springfield from Sammy Hagar, who wrote "I've Done Everything For You" — and Hagar's performance of the Springfield hit.

Warning: profanity