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Rap group scores! 'Amp It Up' is hit with Bronco fans

The fans knew it. The players knew it. Coach Dan Hawkins knew it.

Most importantly, local rap group Mad Ro knew it.

After two season-opening losses, the Boise State Broncos needed to hop to it.

Or better yet, hip-hop to it.

So last Sunday, Mad Ro mastermind Chris "Arcturus" Jameson put the finishing touches on "Amp It Up!," a fist-pumping, opponent-crushing anthem dedicated to the Broncos.

Less than 24 hours later, it was the most-requested song on 103.3 Kiss FM: "Instant phones. Number one," said program director Aaron Traylor, aka "The Tallest DJ in America."

Three days later— after "Amp It Up!" blared through Bronco Stadium during pre-game warmups — Boise State clobbered Bowling Green 48-20.

"It's something we are going to be able to play before the game and say, 'That is our song,'" says defensive tackle Alex Guerrero. "Not a lot of people can say they have their song that represents their school and their team."

Only a superstitious fool would suggest that 2 minutes, 47 seconds of Mad Ro music is the only reason Boise State changed its football direction this week.

But why mess with success?

"We're going to use it every single home game," says Adam Parker, director of promotions for BSU athletics. "It's awesome."

One day after "Amp It Up!" was posted at MP3 Idaho, The Statesman's local-music Web site, it was the week's most-downloaded track.

The funny thing is, it wasn't even originally a Broncos song.

Mad Ro — Jameson and his partners, MC/producer L-Nasty and DJ Flow — recorded the track in the hopes of selling it to video game company EA Sports. When it didn't get used in "Madden NFL 2006," the catchy tune sat around gathering dust.

Meanwhile, Kiss FM's Traylor was urging Mad Ro to make a locally oriented song.

In a matter of two hours last weekend, Jameson spliced in the "BSU! Amp it up!" chorus. He wrote lyrics about blue turf and blindsiding quarterbacks. And he came up with the ominous line: "Welcome to Boise State; you about to learn somethin'!"

"I'm just glad the song could be put to good use, and it can fire somebody up," Jameson says. "If we can do that for BSU, then, hell, yeah, man. Why not?"

BSU's Parker says he's interested in speaking to Mad Ro about possibly recording a song for the men's basketball team.

That's a tall order.

Based on last year's record, to get similar results for Bronco hoops, Mad Ro not only would have to come up with an amazing song, they might need to recruit that 6-foot-10 DJ over at Kiss FM and give BSU some inside help.

One thing's for sure: Boise State should consider playing "Amp It Up!" when the football team runs onto the field at game time, rather than just during warmups.

It's a great tune. And with the right inspiration, Boise State may still have a pretty great season.

NO EVANS: Although it was listed at Otter4Idaho.com until Thursday afternoon, a post-concert reception with Sara Evans to benefit Butch Otter's campaign for governor has been nixed. Evans will still perform Saturday at The Winery at Eagle Knoll.

CONCERT TIDBITS: Trans-Siberian Orchestra will return to the Idaho Center on Nov. 26. ... The Josh Ritter/Frames concert at the Bouquet has been canceled. ... The Posies will play Oct. 15 upstairs at The Big Easy.

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