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Australian ‘boy band’ 5 Seconds of Summer is headed to Boise

Before we get to the debate, kids, let’s cover the news: Australian quartet 5 Seconds of Summer — 5SOS to their young, mostly female fans — are headed to Taco Bell Arena.

The concert, which goes on sale at 10 a.m. Oct. 23 at Ticketmaster, isn’t until Saturday, Aug. 27, 2016.

Talk about planning ahead, right?

Yep. And it’s smart business for promoter Live Nation to put the show on sale now. Strike while the iron’s hot. Because 5SOS is hot — as in “She’s Kinda Hot.”

Unlike most boy bands, 5SOS actually plays instruments. In fact, they’re essentially a pop-punk group, which causes occasional debates about what exactly constitutes a boy band nowadays.

Make no mistake: One Direction had a huge hand in jettisoning 5SOS to the next level, so the target demographic is no mystery. Which also means that haters are everywhere. (“They say we’re losers and we’re all right with that,” frontman Luke Hemmings sings in the video above.)

Ticket prices to the Boise show haven’t been released, but you’ll be able to find updates — and other details — right here.

Now excuse me while I go rock some serious heat.