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Don’t blame Ludacris. (Or do?) Rapper’s Boise concert is canceled. The reason is lame

Rapper and actor Ludacris won’t be coming to the Boise area Friday, as planned.
Rapper and actor Ludacris won’t be coming to the Boise area Friday, as planned.

March 14 update: This post has been edited to include information from promoter Wil Smith Presents.

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You bought your ticket. You’ve already planned your Friday night. And now, five days before the concert, you get word that the show has been canceled.

That’s the irritating news for about 1,000 Idahoans who already bought tickets to the Ludacris concert scheduled for March 16 at the Revolution Center in Garden City.

The show has been nixed by the Ludacris camp, Revolution Center owner Creston Thornton says.

But don’t get mad at Ludacris. Or the Revolution Center.

Actually, at this point, I’m not sure where you should channel your ire.

This concert was booked by Wil Smith Presents, a local, third-party promoter who rented the Revolution Center for the event. Thornton says that Ludacris’ manager told him Wil Smith Presents never wired Ludacris’ camp the concert deposit. But promoter Wil Smith says that isn’t the case. Ludacris demanded full payment in advance instead of the industry-standard deposit, Smith says.

Ultimately, Ludacris’ camp pulled the plug on coming to Idaho.

So. Lame.

Smith posted a long explanation on Facebook, saying he will be at the Boise State University Student Ballroom giving refunds Tuesday. Online ticket buyers already have received refunds. If you need additional help getting a refund, contact your point of purchase.

Apologies or not, the situation reflects poorly on the act, venue and promoter.

For fans, it’s just disappointing. And, yeah, frustrating.

“We will do what we can to get him back when we can control the show finances,” Thornton promised fans on Facebook. “Sorry for your inconvenience.”

In better news, another hip-hop show just got announced at the Revolution Center (and this time, it’s being promoted by the Revolution Center, not a third party): Ja Rule and Ashanti on May 17. Tickets go on sale Friday.