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What was Idaho’s most popular Uber destination in 2017? It’s a prickly subject

A bargoer sips his drink inside the Cactus Bar on Main Street in Downtown Boise.
A bargoer sips his drink inside the Cactus Bar on Main Street in Downtown Boise. Statesman file

Ever since Uber came to Boise in 2014, the app-based service has been a hit with Idahoans looking for quick, affordable transportation.

More than 60,000 people in Boise have taken an Uber ride in the past three months, the company says. There are more than 1,000 active Boise drivers. In the past year, visitors from 59 countries have taken a ride in Boise, according to Uber.

Uber recently crunched numbers to discover the most “Uber-ed to places in each state, excluding airports and major transit stations.”

So what was 2017’s most popular non-airport destination in Idaho?

Yep, a bar. But wait — a dive bar?

The Cactus Bar in Downtown Boise.

Um, way to go, Idaho?

Known for cheap drinks and stiff pours, the Cactus is familiar to anyone who has gone out for a night on the town in the last, like, 80 years. (How old is that place? Is it the oldest bar in Boise?)

Located at 517 W. Main St., the Cactus is a perfect Downtown drop-off spot — no matter where you’re going in the bar district at Sixth and Main streets. “Yo, driver: Take me to the Cactus!” Hop out, survey the Friday-night scene and flow to wherever a beer beckons.

Anywhere you head, it happens fast in Boise. In the past year, the average estimated time of arrival for a summoned driver was under 5 minutes, Uber says.

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