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3 Boise restaurants are featured in new episode of Travel Channel’s ‘Man v. Food’

Host Casey Webb has an appetite for Boise on the new season of “Man v. Food.”
Host Casey Webb has an appetite for Boise on the new season of “Man v. Food.” Travel Channel

Boise’s restaurant scene is heating up on the Travel Channel — but not as much as Casey Webb’s tongue.

The “Man v. Food” host survived a painfully spicy sushi roll during a visit to Boise this week.

Webb and his crew filmed an episode of the TV series at three dining spots: Nov. 12 at Edge Brewing Co., Nov. 13 at Westside Drive In and Nov. 14 at Superb Sushi. That’s where Webb devoured the “Demon’s Delight” eating challenge.

The Boise episode’s air date hasn’t been announced, but a new season of “Man v. Food” premieres Dec. 4 with back-to-back episodes on the Travel Channel.

Superb Sushi’s “Demon’s Delight Challenge” is comprised of “miso soup from hell” and a sushi roll accompanied by a side of “death sauce.”

Webb attacked the challenge like a pro, Superb Sushi owner Brett Nunez says.

“He set the new record consuming the soup from hell — 23 seconds! And he did complete the whole challenge in 5 minutes, 45 seconds.”

Anyone who finishes the “Demon’s Delight” in 10 minutes gets the meal free, their photo on the Wall of Flame and a T-shirt. However, it isn’t the most face-melting feat at Superb Sushi. That would be the ungodly “Death Roll Challenge,” featured in the Idaho Statesman’s recent article “5 insane eating challenges at Boise restaurants.”

The prize for that one includes a free trip to the nearest emergency room.

(Kidding. Sorta.)

Webb’s trip to Idaho marks the second time “Man v. Food” has filmed an episode about Boise. In 2009, then-host Adam Richman ingested an 8-pound hamburger/chili cheese fry/hot dog/milkshake challenge at Rockies Diner. He also visited Big Juds and Flying Pie Pizzeria.

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