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Arby’s venison sandwich is coming to Idaho. You’ll have to hunt harder for the elk one.

Mmmm. That uncle who serves you venison never uses the sous-vide cooking method, right?
Mmmm. That uncle who serves you venison never uses the sous-vide cooking method, right? Arby’s

Going hunting this weekend? Save time. Drive through Arby’s on your way out of town.

The fast-food chain will sell a Venison Sandwich on Saturday, Oct. 21 — including at all 19 restaurants in Idaho. They’ll be available for $7 while supplies last.

Arby’s tested its Venison Sandwich in five states last year, but not Idaho. The thing sold like gangbusters. This nationwide rollout reportedly took a year to arrange with venison suppliers, but that doesn’t mean the sandwich won’t be in short supply. “If people are interested in trying the sandwich, the only way to guarantee they can get one is to get there when we open or a little before and make sure they are in line, just like the folks last year,” an Arby’s representative told USA Today.

Does deer meat strike you as gamey? Fear not. The Venison Sandwich sounds like it’s practically James Beard Award material. Arby’s describes it as “a thick-cut venison steak and crispy onions topped with a juniper berry sauce on a toasted specialty roll. The venison is marinated in garlic, salt and pepper and then sous-vide for three hours to juicy, tender perfection. The juniper berry sauce is a Cabernet steak sauce infused with juniper berries, giving the already unique sandwich another signature twist.”

Arby’s is debuting a new Elk Sandwich ($7) on Saturday, too. But you’ll have to drive several hours to a nearby state. It’s only available at three restaurants — in Thornton, Colorado; Casper, Wyoming; and Billings, Montana.

Can wild boar be far behind? Gotta admit, Ving Rhames isn’t just blowin’ smoke in those TV commercials. Arby’s has the meats.

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