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Boise’s No. 1 radio station plays country music. But grown-ups prefer to rock

Boise loves country music. It’s no surprise when a country radio station finishes No. 1 in the ratings.

The top dog in Boise? That’s actually a bull — 101.9 FM The Bull, according to Nielsen Audio data, which measures listener share among commercial radio stations every six months.

The ratings for spring 2017, which came out a few days ago, place The Bull at No. 1 in the 12-plus demographic. That’s listeners 12 and older between 6 a.m. and midnight.

There are oodles of other demographic breakdowns. For example, 100.3 The X won the 25- to 54-year-old category, which advertisers value highly. Apparently, Boise adults prefer to rock. The Bull and 96.1 Bob FM tied at No. 2 in that demographic. It’s also notable that the No. 1 morning show in 25-54 was “Nic and Big J” on The X. Second place went to Mike and Nicole at Mix 106.

Still, 12-plus is the bragging-rights division. The Bull pulled a fat 6.6 share. As you can see right here, that’s the biggest number for any radio station in at least two years.

Two of the top three Boise stations play country. Yet spinning country tunes does not guarantee huge ratings.

Somebody is “Nash”-ing their teeth right now. That 1.4 for KQFC 97.9 FM is brutal.

Here is the breakdown for 12-plus — quarter-hour share ratings for Treasure Valley stations among listeners 12 and older between 6 a.m. and midnight.

KQBL-FM 101.9 (The Bull, country): 6.6

KSAS-FM 103.5 (Kiss FM, contemporary hits): 5.0

KAWO-FM 104.3 (Wow country): 4.7

KQXR-FM 100.3 (The X, active rock): 4.7

KBOI-AM 670 (news/talk): 4.5

KCIX-FM 105.9 (Mix 106, Hot AC): 4.5

KTHI-FM 107.1 (K-Hits, classic): 4.5

KXLT-FM 107.9 (Lite FM adult contemporary): 3.9

KSRV-FM 96.1 (Bob, variety hits): 3.8

KWYD-FM 101.1 (Wild 101.1, rhythmic contemporary hits): 3.4

KKGL-FM 96.9 (The Eagle, classic rock): 3.4

KIDO-AM 580 (news/talk): 3.2

KIZN-FM 92.3 (Kissin’ 92.3, country): 3.2

KRVB-FM 94.9 (The River, AAA): 3.2

KKOO-FM 99.5 (Kool Oldies): 3.1

KZMG-FM 102.7 (My 102.7, Hot AC): 3.1

KJOT-FM 105.1 (Rock 105.1, classic rock): 2.9

KTIK-FM 93.1 (The Ticket, sports): 1.8

KQFC-FM 97.9 (Nash, country): 1.4

KQBL-HD3 96.5 (alternative rock): 1.3

KFXD-AM 630 (The Fan, sports): 0.9

KQBL-HD2 99.1 (ESPN Boise): 0.7

KTIK-AM 1350 (sports): 0.5

▪ (Others below 0.5 were not measured)

Explaining the numbers: “Share” is the percentage of listeners tuned in to a station at a given time. KBOI’s 6.3 means 6.3 percent of everyone 12 and older in the market listening to the radio at that time was tuned in to that station. These are quarter-hour share, or AQH, numbers — the average number of people listening to a particular station for at least 5 minutes during a 15-minute period. “Rating,” the percentage of potential listeners in the market actually tuning in, is a different thing. Find out more here.

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