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2 new Boise albums: Tylor & The Train Robbers, Dirty Moogs


Tylor & The Train Robbers

Many Idahoans’ initial encounter with Oregon-raised Tylor Ketchum was online. A quickly filmed, informal performance on a Sun Valley gondola in late 2014 racked up thousands of views on Facebook and YouTube. Since then, he’s jostled The Train Robbers lineup and settled into Idaho’s music scene. Ketchum’s warm, quintessentially Western vocals fuel this well-recorded, inviting album. Honesty permeates musician-diary confessions such as “Need It Or Not” and “Mom’s Old Fender.” Speaking of Fenders, Train Robbers guitarist Johnny “Shoes” Pisano’s Telecaster gets wonderfully grimy on “Lyin’ is a Sin.” Any Gem Stater who thrives on Americana and country-rock (e.g., Micky and the Motorcars) needs to make time for these 10 songs. tylorandthetrainrobbers.com.


The Dirty Moogs

On their second EP, The Dirty Moogs are still obsessed with synthesizers, electro-pop nostalgia and getting their intergalactic jollies. That said, it’s not completely the same. The Moogs’ seven-track arsenal includes goofy-fun anthems (“Lasers on Stun”), punked-up silliness with video-game squiggles (“Pretty Susie”), Art of Noise decompression-chamber production (“I’m Alright: Buff Mervyn remix”), and a cameo from Dedicated Servers word architect Dave the Fave ( “Luke Skywalker”). Crank the fog machine and do the robot across the dance floor. sunlesssearecords.com.

Michael Deeds