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‘Feelin’ Freaky,’ singer John Németh returns home for Boise concert

If you think of John Németh as a blues musician, you’d be correct.

But prepare to be surprised — pleasantly, he’s hoping — when you hear his soon-to-be-released album, “Feelin’ Freaky,” due May 19. Or see him with his band, The Blue Dreamers, on June 24 at the Egyptian Theatre in Boise.

This ain’t your dad’s blues.

Németh has released a new music video for the title track. Strutting in tie-dye coveralls while an earworm guitar hook drives the song, Németh sounds more like Cee-Lo Green than a traditional bluesman.

Soul? Blues? Freak rock? Label it whatever you want.

“I’m not really that concerned about it,” he says. “I’ve got my fan base, and they’re cool. They like the fact that I change things up from record to record. It keeps the excitement going. I think that’s what makes the record fun. I really just kind of pulled the stuff out of thin air.”

The Boise native, who now lives in Memphis, obviously is having a blast expanding his horizons. The entire blues genre is heading down that path, he says.

“I’m hearing AC/DC and Black Sabbath at blues festivals out of bands,” Németh says. “Anything with a power chord is a blues reference. That’s where (this album) came from. It’s almost like the sky’s the limit. I started writing some of these different kind of songs and playing them at blues festivals and blues gigs, and man, the people really dug it.”