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Chevelle concert Sunday at Knitting Factory is sold out

Amy Harris/Invision/AP

Oozing a dark, post-grunge vibe that feels eerily similar to alt-metal band Tool, Chevelle has always seemed destined for mainstream success. It came temporarily in the form of “The Red,” a 2002 radio smash that you’ll remember immediately if you hear it. Aside from that hit, the Chicago trio has been more of a headbanging journeyman act over its two-decade career — and there’s zero shame in that. Pete Loeffler (vocals, guitar), pictured, and his brother Sam Loeffler (drums) have sold a few million albums along the way and continue to deliver heavy, pulsating live shows with bassist Dean Bernardini crushing beside them. Faithful fans show up in droves to get their fix; The 999-capacity concert has sold out, according to promoter Knitting Factory.

Michael Deeds

7 p.m. Jan. 15, Knitting Factory, 416 S. 9th St., Boise. $28. TicketWeb. $30 day of show. Opening: Black Map, Dinosaur Pile-Up.