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Denver band releases music video filmed at Payette Lake in McCall

Music video: Steady Rush, "Where We Belong"

Boise-turned-Denver pop-rock duo Steady Rush filmed this music video at Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho, in August 2016.
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Boise-turned-Denver pop-rock duo Steady Rush filmed this music video at Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho, in August 2016.

Colorado finally feels like home for musicians Molly Fiorentino and Kylie Hartman, who moved to Denver in 2013.

But the two singers, who make up the pop-rock duo Steady Rush, still miss Boise a lot. So when it came time to film a music video for their new feel-good anthem, “Where We Belong,” choosing a site was simple: Back in the Gem State at Payette Lake.

“You can’t beat Boise summer,” Fiorentino says. “Denver has so much to boast about when it comes to outdoor everything. But they don’t have water like Idaho does. They don’t have Lucky Peak. They don’t have McCall.”

With the help of Boise friend and filmmaker Josh Cremer, Fiorentino and Hartman spent two days shooting the video in August. Filled with scenic shots of Payette Lake and gliding jet skis, it conveys themes of friendship and familiarity among a group of four women.

“We wrote this song about the moment here in Denver that reminds us of Boise, because they’re a very similar culture,” Fiorentino says. “So those moments when we feel at home. The first line of the first verse is, ‘Late night talks in parking lots. I’m losing my voice because we just can’t stop.’ We don’t want those nights to end. Those were the nights in Boise that we miss.”

Fiorentino and Hartman appreciated almost everything about Boise except for the nagging feeling that moving to a larger city might provide more musical opportunities.

Relocating wasn’t an easy decision — or always a welcoming new reality.

“It’s been kind of a rollercoaster with the music business and everything,” Fiorentino says, “and just getting our footing here. Making friends and everything.”

But positives have emerged. In 2015, Steady Rush was featured on a 20-state American Family Insurance ad campaign. This fall, the duo will embark on a tour. The scope of that trek hinges on a national college showcase next month in Kentucky.

“We could get 100 dates, we could get 10 dates,” Hartman says. “We hired a college booking agent, and we’re looking to hit college radio with the new EP, which we’ll be releasing in the next two weeks.”

Steady Rush has another music video planned for November. This one, for the song “Rewind,” will be shot next month in downtown Denver.

“We wanted to do the first one kind of down home, mountain-town feeling,” Hartman says, “because that’s really where we’re from. This next video will show the city side of us as well.”

Online: steadyrush.com.