Authors look at flower farming in Southeast Idaho

“Deadhead: The Bindweed Way to Grow Flowers” by Jeriann Sabin and Ralph Thurston (Southeast Idaho); AuthorHouse ($13.99)

If every American flower grower wrote a book like “Deadhead,” you’d have a complete, inside view of flower farming. This book’s contents, one slice of that view, will assist both those interested in flower farming and those already in the business — no matter if they live in cold areas like short-summer Idaho or in warm southern climes.

Several years ago, an employee made shirts for Bindweed Farm that read “The Bindweed Way: 9104 experiments, 0 mistakes,” referring to Bindweed’s philosophy of shrugging off errors and turning them into sources of success. Things move fast on Bindweed Farm, so mistakes happen, sometimes with surprising results; often the wrong way of doing something works out better. The authors have learned a lot from their experiments, and they hope those shared in this book inspire you to make some of your own, so you can be deadheading home from your sales route with an empty truck, full of satisfaction.

“The Curious World of Gecko Da Echo; Oh, the Stories We Spin!” by Christy Lowry (Boise) and Diane De La Hunt; Publication Consultants ($9.95)

How do geckos and humans meet? What brings them together? What adventures find them? In “Oh, the Stories We Spin!” author Christy Lowry takes her readers along as she introduces a semi-tame gecko and a gecko-loving family to each other on Hawaii’s Golden Isle. Together, gecko and humans go through the ritual of meeting before this barely tame gecko, now sporting a name, polishes off his munch-a-lunch. His munch-a-bunch is what, pray tell? Just what does he eat? Not before the reader partly finds out, something spooks him. His sudden and speedy departure through the jungle cuts short their quest. One question still hangs on the hot humid air: Will he, on his own, come home?