Idaho authors write on college admissions, early flying history

“Admissions by Design: Stop the Madness and Find the Best College for You”

by Lisa Fisher (Boise); Elevate Publishing ($17.95)

Lisa Fisher is a multi-award-winning and National Board-certified educator who has worked nationally and internationally as a teacher, a college counselor and an educational consultant for nearly 20 years. Fisher’s innovative approach to college admissions has helped students find and pursue their dreams while touching the lives of thousands of principals, teachers and counselors. In her new book, she helps parents and students rethink the purpose of higher education and what it means for their individual paths through life.

Building from the root of the word “admission,” meaning “toward purpose,” and tying the college admissions process to the development of self and to emerging trends in economic development, the author argues that the admissions process shouldn’t be about getting into a prestigious “name” school, but about a journey to knowing one’s self, heeding one’s callings and identifying the “right fit” school that will serve as the catalyst to embracing a purpose-led life.

Backed by the latest brain science, showing that far too many college students suffer from mood disorders and stress-induced trauma, Fisher offers students practical tools to reframe the college admissions process to one of an inspirited and authentic journey. Passionate about helping students achieve their dreams, Fisher challenges prevailing methods and provides both a practical guide that challenges students to define and pursue their unique paths, but also hands-on tools to help students in their process of self-discovery and applying to the “right fit” college.

“Notes from the Cockpit”

by R.K. Dick Williams (Kuna); Williams Summit Publishers ($24.95)

After sailing through the South Pacific Islands in 1972, Dick Williams pursued an aviation career that spanned over 40 years and 18,000 hours. Primarily based around Idaho and the well-known wilderness “backcountry” flying of Central Idaho, he eventually found himself the chief pilot for a corporate flight department, flying jets in Boise.

“Notes From the Cockpit” explores four phases of Williams’ career, and the reader gets to meet crazy characters and great pilots as Williams tells his story with humor, excitement and the wisdom of experience. The underlying themes of safety, the world and its elements, and even Mark Twain’s riverboat experiences, make this a unique aviation book.

Never before has an experienced professional backcountry pilot from Idaho told this kind of story, including the interesting history of the ranches and lodges in the Idaho wilderness. Writing more than an autobiography, Williams brings over 30 of his best aviation friends into the mix, resulting in a rich and memorable piece of aviation history.

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