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“Uncontrolled Spin: The Power and Danger of Spin”

by Jerry Summers (Boise area); (Xlibris; $22.99) and

“Unmerited Favor: The Compassion and Peril of Mercy”

Jerry Summers; GeLaSy Inc. ($12.99)

In “Uncontrolled Spin,” Sean Green, the spin doctor for many multimillion-dollar companies, becomes infatuated with the idea of helping a beautiful woman take her apparel business to the next level. During the process, his best friend, biggest client and mentor is murdered at one of Sean’s homes. Through Brazilian connections, lessons in using the power of sex, international marketing and police investigations, the writer develops an array of characters and plot twists that keep you turning the pages.

In “Unmerited Favor,” the heart-pounding sequel, master storyteller Jerry Summers takes us deeper into a world where the lines between good and evil are blurred and deception is the name of the game. As their romance intensifies, successful spin doctor and marketing genius Sean Green continues his mission to help the lovely Jessica Silva expand her boutique clothing empire. But as Sean and Jessica attempt to establish a production plant in Brazil, they experience a temporary setback when Ricardo, their Brazilian connection, is murdered by means of botulism. Meanwhile, Bonnie Stevens struggles to come to terms with life after the murder of her husband, Mark. Bonnie is driven to destroy the parties responsible — and is certainly capable of doing just that. Mark’s sister, Wendy, has experienced plenty of trauma and grief in her own life and offers others support and therapy. Her ability to be an angel of mercy goes way beyond counseling, and she is very creative in the ways she bestows unmerited favor.

Defying conventions, and full of sizzling dialogue, hairpin twists, and smoldering love scenes, “Unmerited Favor” will keep you riveted from the first page to the last and leave you craving more.

“A Convenient Death at San Diego”

by John O’Hagan (Boise area); Oak Tree Press ($15.95)

Move over, Brother Cadfael. Father Ibarra is on the scene. It’s a new era, and in fact a New World. In the tumultuous and violent territory that is Alta, Calif., young Father Juan Ibarra, a Franciscan/physician finds himself called upon to solve not just one, but two, murders. This is not what he anticipated the life of a medical missionary would be. Was it an act of revenge by an outraged Spanish army officer? Perhaps a “falling out among thieves” or maybe simple retributive justice meted out by the people themselves? While his medical skills are being put to tests he never imagined and he tries to sort out some very confused facts, Father Juan finds himself swept up in the political, cultural and sexual revolution which is having a convulsive effect on the territory. In all of this, he is drawn to the shamanistic practices and cures of the very people he had hoped to educate. Perhaps they have something to teach him about medicine.

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The final books in this series from Jerry Summers, “Unrestrained Behavior” and “Unanticipated Circumstances,” are scheduled for release in July and November or December, respectively.