Spotlight on Idaho authors


“Better Thinking”

by Ronda Conger (Boise); Elevate ($13.95)

With hundreds of inspiring and thought-provoking quotations, “Better Thinking” is the perfect pick-me-up to think better in order to be better. This beautifully designed gift book will help any reader start the day with encouragement, motivation and optimism. Housed under the Better Human brand, this companion to Conger’s book “Better Human, Better Thinking” is the perfect starting point to your day.

“The House Guest: Persuasions, Perspectives & Prejudices”

by Deborah L. Norris (Boise); Mill City Press ($30)

Family secrets, scandals, gossip and murder — the small town of Tilden has it all.

Set in the 1950s, “The House Guest” takes readers on a nostalgic journey with the townspeople of Tilden, a quaint community in Madison County, Neb. At the center of the story is Maggie Davis, a middle-aged widow and heiress of a grand Victorian manor. The stately home, which Maggie shares with her spunky 9-year-old daughter Jenna, also serves as a bed-and-breakfast to a once regular, but now transitory, clientele.

Gentle-spirited Maggie finds herself struggling with the painful memories of her husband’s tragic death, as well as the stirrings in her heart associated with a new house guest. A scandalous scheme to swindle Maggie out of her property rides on the heels of a sudden, unexpected death, pointing to a member of the family as a suspect. Set against a backdrop of humor, tragedy and love, the story culminates with an emotional twist.

“Expanded Joy: 52 Projects to Increase the Purpose, Passion & Playfulness in Your Life”

by Elizabeth Popish (Boise); Elevate ($24.95)

Elizabeth Popish had a singular objective in mind when writing “Expanded Joy”: she wanted to feel joyful again, regardless of any other circumstances in her life. Simply put, she wanted to master her own life. After brainstorming general areas of optimal living, she eventually settled on seven categories: energetic health, authentic happiness, mental engagement, stress reduction, social connections, creative expression and altruism.

All strategies within this book are research-based with a preponderance of data proving their effectiveness by leaders in various fields. They were designed for individual use or with others in a group setting, in much the same way as a book club. Each week brings a fresh new challenge, based on one of the above categories, where the reader can find exciting ways to expand his or her joy.

“The Nine Lives of Shaidu the Warrior Cat”

by Morgan Detyens (Idaho); Opinicus Inkworks ($10.99)

Morgan Detyens’ new young adult fantasy-adventure novel, “The Nine Lives of Shaidu the Warrior Cat,” propels the reader on an unforgettable journey with a brash young warrior, turned into a black cat by a sorcerer’s spell, as he races against time to find the beautiful Willow magus who can return him to his human form.

A dangerous love triangle, an unsolved mystery and a touch of time travel create an alchemical elixir to captivate the imaginations of all fantasy-adventure lovers.

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