Treasure Valley libraries — what librarians recommend

Boise Public Library

“Old Wolf” by Avi.

Juvenile fiction. Nashoba, the aging leader of a wolf pack, must try to find food for his starving pack soon. As he leads the pack through the woods, he is helped by Merla the raven. The hunt leads the group close to the home of Casey, a 13-year-old boy who knows little about outdoor life but is a master of a bow-hunting video game. When he gets a real bow and arrow set as a gift, he sets out to try his video game skills in the real world. When animals and human collide, they all learn hard but valuable lessons in this modern-day fable.

Eagle Public Library

“Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges” by Amy Cuddy.

Nonfiction. Instead of having a nerve-racking challenge and wishing for a do-over, learn how to approach your biggest challenges with confidence and satisfaction. Professor Amy Cuddy shows how to harness personal power and achieve “presence,” the state in which we stop worrying about the impression we’re making on others and instead adjust the impression we make on ourselves. Throughout the book she teaches the reader how to use simple techniques to liberate ourselves from fear in high-pressure moments, perform at our best and connect with and empower others to do the same.

Meridian Public Library

“Apple and Rain: A Story to Fix a Broken Heart” by Sarah Crossan.

Teen fiction. When Apple was 3 years old, her mother abandoned her. Now, 11 years later, Apple’s mother suddenly reappears and Apple feels almost whole again. Her mother will do anything to make up for her absence. There’s just one burning question still to be answered: Why did she leave?

Kuna Library

“Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) in Song” by Sara Bareilles.

Adult biography. Many know Sara Bareilles as the singer of the bold chart-topper “Brave,” or for her multi-platinum single “Love Song.” In this honest but humorous autobiography, she shares the joys and struggles of her career, all while staying true to herself. “Sounds Like Me” is both a view inside the experience of a remarkable talent and a moving tribute to the search for growth, healing and self-acceptance.

Garden City Library

“Everything Everything” by Nicola Yoon.

Young adult fiction. Madeline Whittier has never left her house. Severely allergic to everything, she has spent every hour of her life in her hermetically sealed home with her mother and her nurse, Carla. But when a new family moves in next door, Madeline’s perfectly ordered life changes completely.

Ada Community Library

“In the Unlikely Event” by Judy Blume.

Adult fiction. In the town of Elizabeth, N.J., several plane crashes occur. Over a stretch of years, these fatal accidents cause trauma to the people who lose friends and family or who view crashes in their neighborhood. Told from the perspective of a young student, Miri Ammerman, the story deals with the issues of trust in safety following unlikely events and of grief while experiencing the fickle finger of fate.

Nampa Public Library

“Waddle! Waddle!” by James Proimos.

Juvenile fiction. What’s a penguin to do when he can’t find his new friend? Yesterday he made a friend who was an absolutely amazing dancer — but now he can’t find him anywhere. Waddle, waddle and bellyslide along with this hopeful penguin as his search for his new friend takes him on some zany adventures — and, ultimately, to an unexpected and heartwarming conclusion. Acclaimed creator James Proimos, illustrator of year of the “Jungle” by Suzanne Collins, brings his zest and zany humor to this charming friendship story.