Learn things about Boise that you never knew

‘Legendary Locals of Boise’ by Barbara Perry Bauer and Elizabeth Jacox; Arcadia Publishing ($21.99)
‘Legendary Locals of Boise’ by Barbara Perry Bauer and Elizabeth Jacox; Arcadia Publishing ($21.99)

Since its settlement in 1863 as a pivotal stop for both the Oregon Trail travelers and the Boise Basin gold mine workers seeking their fortunes, Boise has remained a viable community in America’s growth.

Historical consultants Barbara Perry Bauer and Elizabeth Jacox have compiled a book of the people who contributed to the city’s illustrious history. And you may be amazed at the names you read.

Well-researched and documented with hundreds of photos, “Legendary Locals of Boise” shows our growth for the past 150 years. They catalogue local companies such as J.R. Simplot and Albertsons, musicians such as Curtis Stigers, Gene Harris and Gib Hochstrasser, author Anthony Doerr and athlete Kristin Armstrong to demonstrate how Boise citizens, from a small Western town, have impacted the international scene. Many more memorable citizens and their contributions float through the pages, like jockey Gary Stevens, winner of the Kentucky Derby, entrepreneur Steve Appleton, and the city’s very own Oinkari Basque dancers.

If you ever wondered about the history of many of the names you see and hear, such as Ridenbaugh, Bown and Collister, you will find their origin in chapter one, “Who Built the City.”

The book is an enjoyable walk down memory lane for those of us raised in Boise and an informative anthology for those new to our area who wonder what is so special about Boise.

Author event

Boise Public Library invites Boise history buffs to join Barbara Perry Bauer and Elizabeth Jacox for a few of their favorite stories from “Legendary Locals of Boise.” They’ll be at the main branch, 715 South Capitol Blvd., on Wednesday, Nov. 18, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Marion Bingham Room on third floor. A book signing will follow, with books available for purchase from Rediscovered Books.

For more information, call 972-8255 or visit