Spotlight on Boise authors

‘Luciano and His Sunshine Boots’

written and illustrated by Carol Myers; Sunshine For Your Soul LLC ($18.95)

Luciano loves his yellow puddle-stomping boots. Everyone he meets loves them, too! Luciano’s Sunshine Boots help him feel better when he’s sick. When Luciano’s brothers discover a way that everyone can have a pair of Sunshine Boots, they bring hope and happiness to people everywhere.

‘Bunny is Born’

by R.M. Heinz; Tate Publishing ($8.99)

Kids love colorful characters and rhyming stories. This book has both. The “Bunny Book” series chronicles the life of Bunny Rabbit — with books titled “Bunny is Born,” “Bunny Learns to Walk,” “Bunny Learns to Talk,” “Bunny Learns to Use the Potty,” “Bunny Goes to School,” “Bunny Learns to Read,” “Bunny Learns to Share” and many more. Each book outlines basic learning skills, from numbers and letters to the importance of continuing to try something until you get it right, practicing something to get better at it, sharing and more.

‘The Food Fight Professional’

by Angela Ruth Strong and illustrated by Jim Strong; Ashberry Lane Publishing ($7.99)

I, Joey Michaels, am the Food Fight Professional. Basically this means that if food is flying in the school cafeteria, people think I’m responsible. Working at a soup kitchen as punishment shows me how I can use my reputation in a good way — to organize a “food fight” to fight hunger.

Winning the food fight wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t have the following three problems:

1) The neighbor girl who records all my mistakes and posts them to the Internet;

2) Her newly adopted brothers from Haiti who don’t think wasting food is a laughing matter;

3) A school principal who wants revenge for the pie I smashed in her face.

If I can keep from making too big a mess in the kitchen this time around, I just might be able to have my pie and eat it, too.