New at the library: What Treasure Valley librarians recommend

Boise Public Library

“The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot: the True Story of the Tyrant Who Created North Korea and the Young Lieutenant Who Stole His Way to Freedom” by Blaine Harden.

Nonfiction. “The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot” is partly a brief history of modern North Korea, partly a biography of North Korean leader Kim Il Sung, and partly an adventure story of a frightened and disillusioned young pilot named No Kum Sok. This is a fast-paced and fascinating read, culminating in No’s final and thrilling leave-taking of North Korea for the south and his eventual arrival in the United States, where he spent a long and fruitful life.

Eagle Public Library

“Guerilla Furniture Design” by Will Holman.

Adult nonfiction. Learn how to use salvaged materials to make simple chairs, tables, lamps and other furnishings. Thirty step-by-step projects made from paper, wood, plastic and metal are presented in this book.

Kuna Library

“Missoula” by Jon Krakauer.

Adult nonfiction. Krakauer chronicles the searing experiences of several women in Missoula – the nights when they were raped; their fear and self-doubt in the aftermath; the way they were treated by the police, prosecution and defense attorneys; the public vilification and private anguish; their bravery in pushing forward; and what it cost them.

Garden City Library

“Death’s Head Chess Club: A Novel” by John Donoghue.

Adult fiction. When SS officer Paul Meissner arrives in Auschwitz, he starts a chess club to improve the morale of the other enlisted men at the camp. He soon hears rumors that the prisoners are also playing and that there is one particular Jew, the Watchmaker, who never loses. A strange relationship forms between them through their shared ability, and two decades later when they meet again in Amsterdam, the two struggle to reinvent their tenuous friendship under the cloud of memories from the war.

Meridian Public Library

“The Dead I Know” by Scot Gardner.

Teen fiction. Aaron Rowe walks in his sleep. He has dreams he can’t explain and memories he can’t recover. Death doesn’t scare him – his new job with a funeral director may even be his salvation. But if he doesn’t discover the truth about his hidden past soon, he may fall asleep one night and never wake up.

Ada Community Library

“Vanessa and Her Sisters” by Priya Parmar.

Adult fiction. The Stephen sisters Virginia and Vanessa, a writer and a painter, host gatherings where they discuss avant-garde exhibitions and publications during 1905 London. Beneath the surface of their trips to Constantinople, Spain and Cornwall lie encounters that reveal both homosexual leanings and difficulties with marriage and mental illness within families. This story is an interesting glimpse into this period and its foibles.

Nampa Public Library

“The Terrible Two” by Mac Barnett.

Juvenile fiction. Miles Murphy has moved to a new town and a new school, but he doesn’t want to reinvent himself. He wants to be who he has always been: a prankster. The problem is, that role has already been taken by a troublemaker who is even better than Miles, Niles Sparks. Niles respects Miles’ skills and suggests they join forces as The Terrible Two. Initially uninterested, Miles ultimately realizes he is no match for Niles, and they work together to pull off the ultimate prank.