What’s new at Treasure Valley libraries

Boise Public Library

“Rain Reign” by Ann M. Martin.

Juvenile fiction. Rose’s life hasn’t been easy. Her mother left her when she was 2, and between her autism, her firm and unwavering belief that all rules should be followed no matter what, and her inability to read social cues, she has a very hard time with just trying to be “normal” in her everyday life. When her father finds a stray dog and brings it home, Rose is thrilled. Through her love of the dog and with help from her understanding uncle, she finally finds some comfort and stability. But when it’s discovered that the dog belongs to someone else, she knows she must follow the rules, no matter how hard.

Eagle Public Library

“The Blondes” by Emily Schultz.

Adult fiction. In this gripping novel, an epidemic of a rabies-like disease carried only by blond women is sweeping New York city. Random, but deadly, attacks on people all by blond women are terrorizing the city. A mix of satire and thriller, the story will hook you from the beginning.

Meridian Public Library

“How to Archive Family Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Organize and Share Your Photos Digitally” by Denise May Levenick.

Nonfiction. Whether you have boxes full of tintypes and black-and-white photographs, an ever-growing collection of digital photos, or a combination of the two, this book will help you rescue your images from the depths of hard drives and memory cards so that you can organize and preserve your family photo collection for future generations.

Kuna Library

“Memory Man” by David Baldacci.

Adult fiction. A freak accident on the football field ended aspiring athlete Amos Decker’s career but also caused a bizarre side effect — he can never forget anything. Twenty years later as a police detective, a tragedy sends his life spiraling out of control, and he leaves the police force to become a private investigator. When a horrific event brings his hometown to its knees, he’s called back to help with the investigation — and finds clues as to what really happened the terrible night his life collapsed.

Ada Community Library

“Dreaming Spies” by Laurie R. King.

Adult fiction. On a passenger ship planning a detour to Japan, Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes, her husband, recruit a young woman, Haruki Sato, to teach them about her culture and language. More than one complicated fatality occurs, and the detective stealthily follows the diabolical plans of a serious blackmailer. The reader learns about unique situations involving Basho and Hokusai haiku and illustration, adding context and a timeline to their crafts. A visit to the Bodleian library becomes part of solving this mystery.

Garden City Library

“Unabrow: Misadventures of a Late Bloomer” by Una LaMarche.

Adult nonfiction. Young adult novelist Una LaMarche comes across as down to earth in this collection of essays written as life lessons to her children. She describes her experiences and opinions on subjects like first-time tweezing, body image, marriage, childbirth and parenting as well as personal struggles such as her battle with anorexia.

Nampa Public Library

“The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse: A Cookbook & Culinary Survival Guide” by Lauren Wilson.

Adult nonfiction. A humorous take on the survival skills needed for hunting, foraging and preserving food during a zombie takeover, along with a collection of recipes that can be made with available ingredients.