Recommendations from Treasure Valley librarians

Boise Public Library

“Finders Keepers” by Keiko Kasza.

Picture book. When squirrel finds a perfect acorn, he decides to bury it and put his beautiful red hat over the hole so he can find the spot later. Then a big wind comes up and blows the hat away. As it goes from animal to animal, each one exclaims “Finders keepers!” and knows just what to do with the hat. The hat eventually ends up where it began, but squirrel isn’t the only one who has a happy surprise.

Nampa Public Library

“Brain maker: the power of gut microbes to heal and protect your brain — for life” by David Perimutter.

Adult nonfiction. Debilitating brain disorders are on the rise — from children diagnosed with autism and ADHD to adults developing dementia at younger ages. But a medical revolution is underway that can solve this problem: Astonishing new research is revealing that the health of your brain is, to an extraordinary degree, dictated by the state of your microbiome — the vast population of organisms that live in your body and outnumber your own cells 10 to 1. What’s taking place in your intestines today is determining your risk for any number of brain-related conditions. In Brain maker, Dr. Perlmutter explains the potent interplay between intestinal microbes and the brain, describing how the microbiome develops from birth and evolves based on lifestyle choices.

Garden City Library

“Kitchens of the Great Midwest” by J. Ryan Stradal.

Adult fiction. When Cynthia Thorvald runs away with another man, Lars is left to raise their young daughter, Ava, on his own. Through his determination to teach her his love of food, Ava grows into a chef of great renown. Full of memorable characters, and recipes every foodie can enjoy, this debut novel is sure to entertain and, chapter by chapter, bring laughter to readers.

Eagle Public Library

“The Sculptor” by Scott McCloud.

Adult graphic fiction. Frustrated young sculptor David Smith makes a deal with Death that allows him to sculpt anything he can imagine with his bare hands. But when the deal leaves him with only 200 days to live, he learns that deciding what to create is harder than he thought, and discovering the love of his life at the 11th hour only complicates his situation. It’s a page-turner about the small, warm, human moments of everyday life.

Meridian Public Library

“Shakespeare and the Countess: The Battle that Gave Birth to the Globe” by Chris Laoutaris.

Nonfiction. Lady Elizabeth Russell’s extraordinary life made her one of the most formidable women of the Renaissance. The daughter of King Edward VI’s tutor, she blazed a trail across Elizabethan England as an intellectual and radical Protestant. And, in November 1596, she became the leader of a movement aimed at destroying William Shakespeare’s theatrical troupe — a plot that resulted in the closure of the Blackfriars Theatre but the construction, instead, of the Globe.

Ada Community Library

“The Heir” by Kiera Cass.

Young adult fiction. Princess Eadlyn Shreve will one day be the first ruling queen of Illea. She is too busy learning how to run the country from her father to give much thought to romance or matters of the heart. However, it is customary for the heir to the throne to participate in the Selection to determine who they will marry. When it is time for Eadlyn to participate in her own Selection and invite 35 eligible bachelors to the palace, she is less than thrilled. However, once the suitors arrive, things get more complicated. Is it possible Eady was wrong and she might actually meet her match?

Kuna Library

“The Game of Love and Death” by Martha Brockenbrough.

Teen fantasy. For centuries two powerful entities — Love and Death — have played a game to determine who reigns supreme. Their chosen players have included Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, and other famous couples — but Death has always won each match. But when the next game brings forth two new players — Flora, a nightclub singer who dreams of becoming the next Amelia Earhart, and Henry, a wealthy boy with a college scholarship awaiting him — can Love finall tip the scales?