Learn about Idaho geology, WWII refugee’s life in recent releases

“Exploring Idaho Geology” by Terry Maley (Boise); Idaho Museum of Mining & Geology ($35)

More than 30 years after the first edition was published, a completely rewritten, up-to-date 2018 third edition is now available at the Idaho Museum of Mining & Geology. Your travels throughout the Idaho and neighboring states can be enriched when you learn about the geology behind the spectacular landscapes. Idaho is a veritable outdoor geologic museum with exceptional examples of almost all rock types, structures and landforms. Idaho’s oldest rocks are more than 2.6 billion years old and contain a record of all the events that transpired during that vast period of geologic time.

This book includes the latest scientific research on the origin of the American West, Precambrian rocks, the accreted terrane of the Blue Mountains province in Oregon and western Idaho, the Idaho batholith, the Idaho-Wyoming thrust belt, basaltic and rhyolitic volcanism of the Snake River Plain, the 435-mile-long Track of the Yellowstone hot spot, the Basin and Range, Lake Idaho and the Columbia River Basalt. Also included is the remarkable story of the Missoula and Bonneville floods—the two largest catastrophic floods in Earth’s history, which swept across Idaho during the last 20,000 years.

“My Life During World War II and Beyond” by Louise N. Hatcher (Garden City); Liferich ($13.99)

Though the Allied defeat of Germany was a momentous victory for the world, it also had a profound effect on the families and communities left to rebuild their broken lives in the wake of war. For one German girl who survived the bombings of her homeland and endured the hostility of political conflict, rebuilding her life would take her across the Atlantic in a search for something more.

In “My Life during WWII and Beyond,” author Louise N. Hatcher shares the chronicle of a life marked by war but defined by a commitment to hope and to faith. From war-torn Nuremberg to the farmlands of Idaho, Hatcher’s journey is beset with challenges as she is captivated with her new American culture while she learns English and assimilates to life on the farm. But with her new country she is able to forge a new life of family and faith, becoming a wife and mother as she seeks her own professional and individual ambitions.

Whether as a refugee of war, an immigrant and later a citizen, Hatcher’s story is one of hard work, determination and faith, and she was able to overcome many difficulties. Join her as she shares her blessings and achieves a fruitful life.

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