2 stories of inspiration from Kuna author Bethany Riehl

“Trending” by Bethany Riehl; CreateSpace ($12.99)

While attending her high school reunion, Amelia Howard discovers three things:

She may have taken a decision she made in high school much too far.

She is basically the only one from her graduating class that is still single.

Her best friend and secret crush — who moved away after graduation and never talked to her again — is back in town with a surprising new title.

Oh, and he can still make her tummy flutter with that charming grin of his. The stinker. Thank goodness she never has to see him again — or so she thinks. Suddenly he’s everywhere — including on the trending tabs of all of her social media accounts. To her surprise, their renewed friendship promises to heal Amelia’s long ago broken heart — until it’s shattered all over again.

Creed Williams finally has the opportunity to make things right with Amelia and is determined to show her how much he has changed. But when a video of him goes viral, internet fame and drama take over his simple life. Suddenly he’s at risk of losing everything.

A story of old dreams realized, new hopes dashed, and the unfailing love of the One who holds everything in His capable hands: “Trending.”

“Even If” by Bethany Riehl; CreateSpace ($14.99)

It was just a glance, but it changed everything.

Lillian Rodgers finally left her past where it belongs, but her choices come back around and pin her into a hopeless corner. As everything in her life falls apart, Lillian wonders if she will ever find stability again.

Chuck Davis can’t come to terms with the accident that changed his world. Or, more accurately, what the Lord wants him to do about it. Then the woman in apartment 608 rounds the corner and he looks up for the first time in years.

Neither of them know in that moment that God has set a plan in motion. A plan for Chuck and Lillian to change each other’s story and redeem their past. If they will let Him.

“Even If” is a story of unspeakable loss and illogical hope. Hope that even if a life is mired in shame and rebellion, God can redeem it.

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