Treasure Valley authors pen novels on the Civil War, refugee life in America

“Sent Into Hell: A Journey Through the American Civil War” by Gene Fox (Meridian); Amazon Digital Services ($35 for Parts 1 and 2)

“Sent into Hell: A Journey Through the American Civil War” is a fact-based, historical-fiction novel. It begins with the enlistment of William Morgan Faux (the author’s great grandfather) in January 1862, with the 16th Iowa Infantry of the Union army. The novel follows all aspects of military life through training, battles, capture, interment at Andersonville and other Confederate prisons, until his release and return home in April 1865.

“Roots, Rumors and Wrath” by Daniela Bronzy (Boise); self-published ($19.99)

Haway Halabi is our presumed protagonist. She is an orphaned, Syrian refugee just beginning to rasp the complexities of her strange new life in small-town America. She arrives home to find her uncle, her last known living relative, has died unexpectedly, leaving her completely alone and the sole guardian of the family secret capable of disrupting the world. Placed hand-in-hand with Haway, we follow her forced pilgrimage of self-discovery and personal jihad, while she is pursued by those who search for her chest and its secrets she protects. Along the journey we are introduced to a wide cast of characters, all bearing their own thread of the story, which are intricately woven together to form a single textualized tapestry. Compelled to action, Haway believes she is removing humanity’s blindfold, and convinced that unveiling her family’s explosive secret is the only alternative left to her.

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